You do not need to know everything that I know to be a good stylist, but you do need to know everything I do to train a great stylist”

Isobel Kershaw Founder and Director of The Stylist London and Co Founder of Global Style Academy.

To be the best in this competitive industry, my advice to every budding stylist is to invest in the best training. At The Stylist London Academy, you will learn how to turn your passion into a lucrative, professional and successful career. Join Celebrity, Personal and Fashion Stylist, Isobel Kershaw and her team of professional experts at the Stylist London Academy to launch your dream career as a personal stylist.

Whether you are a graduate, or looking for a career change to nurture a passion for styling, or want to find a career as an entrepreneur, our Personal Stylist course will give you all the skills you need to break into the exciting world of styling. Established Fashion Stylists, Influencers and Bloggers who want to take their business to the next level will also benefit from our expertise to give them the edge in a competitive and ever evolving industry.

On completion of the course you will receive a certificate endorsed by your trainers.

Next course
July 2023

Central London

Course fee
£2495 for the 5 day course, plus a minimum of 1 day work experience with the team, or;
£750 per day if you would like to attend single modules.



KIM APODACA from L.A with be joining me in the classroom


Isobel Kershaw – The course director

Clare Pinkney – Professional makeup artist

Gustav Fouche – Hair stylist

Kim Apodaca – Executive stylist

Rosana Danielian – Student Manager




  • Personal styling for women.
  • Understanding the wardrobe session.
  • Preparing and conducting the styling experience.
  • Body shapes and how to dress.
  • Brand blocks , pattern cutting and sizing ratios.
  • The fashion industry – inside knowledge of behind the scenes from concept and design to shop floor.
  • An in-depth understanding of brand fit to body shape.
  • Trends and brands.
  • Bra fitting – the right way to measure your clients bra. The brands in lingerie and how to choose the right brand for your client.
  • Creative colour in fashion.
  • How colour works and how they make an outfit.
  • The psychology behind colour and how to use it in your clients wardrobe to create impact.
  • The art of accessorising.
  • The psychology behind clothing and understanding your clients personality and wardrobe needs to ensure you up-level their style and their confidence through the art of successful dressing.
  • How to set up your own website and run it independently. The step by step easy methods of creating a simple yet effective website that is beneficial to your business.
  • How to set up your own business and how to apply for roles in the industry.
  • Creating your personal brand
  • Client Acquisition
  • Social media
  • NEW – Virtual Styling services.
  • NEW – Online business, and how to earn money today.

As part of your investment, you are given a minimum of 1 days works experience which is priceless. Not only that but you maybe invited to networking events where you are exposed to the industry and some key people within the industry.


The course is intense and you may feel overwhelmed by all of the information and knowledge you have learnt throughout the week. Isobel offers the all important ongoing support to all of her students which proves a testament to how many she is still in touch with after 10 years. This support and service is unique to this company to ensure we meet your needs and the investment you made to this course.

We offer unique work experience and even better, work opportunities within our company. The Stylist London’s aim to build a team of stylists who reflect the high level of service and experience its clients expect.

The work experience is booked in after the course subject to bookings and your availability.


For anyone who would like to start their career in styling, this course covers everything to prepare you successfully to join the industry, whether you are looking to set up your own business, whether you want to be a fashion stylist, or whether you want to join a retail team, we have all the expertise to help launch you into this exciting new career.

You may also be a stylist who has started out with little training and not have the confidence in some aspects of the job. The Stylist academy is devised in such a way that you can pick and choose the modules that you need training on.

Many established stylists still need to keep up with the ever changing diversities of this job, and therefore areas such as social media are key to keeping you at the top of your game. This course will train you specifically on how to use social media successfully in the styling world.


Unlike many styling course companies, we are an active styling business as well, and so not only can we offer work experience for you, but also job opportunities. We only offer work to those stylists who have completed our course to ensure they deliver the same high standards.

All of our trainers are qualified to train- this is essential to keeping the standards of a training academy. Each trainer is also an entrepreneur themselves with existing successful companies, which ensures their skills are practised and up to date.

The training you will receive will be creative and professional. This is not a formulaic course where one size fits all. Having qualified with advanced training skills from Harrods executive training scheme, Isobel’s methods as well as experience within the industry, ensure you are confident about receiving intensive high end information and practices. She is recognised worldwide as one of the first professional Stylists to write and teach styling courses in menswear and womenswear to enable people to turn a passion into a profession.

We promise to support our students beyond the intensive training week. The week is full on with so much information to take in. So many of my past students over the past 10 years still keep in contact and feel very comfortable in asking me advice. We love to create a stylist network and organise gatherings so that you feel part of a group of like-minded people to inspire and energise you.

We offer a days revision which gives you the opportunity to come back with your group and discuss your progress to date and revise areas you feel you need extra help on.



  1. What does it take to be a top personal stylist.
  2. Trends and how to use them in all aspects of styling.
  3. Brand knowledge
  4. The fashion Industry
  5. Intro to body shapes


  1. Brands, blocks and body shapes.
  2. Bra fitting and shapewear.
  3. Creative Colour and the art of accessorising.
  4. Preparing for the wardrobe appointment.
  5. The paper work.


  1. Wardrobe management
  2. Intro to Presentation skills
  3. Preparing for the styling session


Out on a Styling session.


  1. Review of the styling session as part of a presentation.
  2. Your business ethos and etiquette.
  3. Personal brand development skills
  4. The online Styling Business.
  5. Professional photoshoot
  6. Celebration drinks


  • If you are a personal stylist but would like to join us on any of the single days to brush up on your skills, you can book any of the days you would like to attend.
  • If you are a budding stylist and starting from scratch, you will be booking all 5 days. With this, you will also receive a free revision day with a trainer to discuss your business plan and revise any areas you are not confident with. You will also receive a work experience day working with one of the stylists or trainers on any area of the business subject to bookings. This can be a wardrobe or styling session, a fashion shoot, and event or a training day.
  • If you would like to do a course but would like to budget over the course of a few months, you can receive a one to one training programme which can be week day or weekend based.
  • If you would like to join a course in the future, please do register your interest with us. We can start a budget plan for you whereby you can pay into your training account over the months leading up to your course.
  • Be aware of early bird offers, as we will promote them before each course.


Bianca Roxie was born and raised in South Africa but moved to London in 2001 where she worked at Net-A-Porter and Radley London before deciding that personal styling was her true passion.

After completing a Personal Styling Course with Isobel , Bianca launched her own successful styling business, Who Is The Fairest, in Stockholm, Sweden. We caught up with Bianca to find out how training with Isobel gave her the skills and confidence to turn her dreams into reality.

Why did you decide to sign up for a Personal Stylist course?
I knew that in order to become a full-time stylist, I needed to sharpen my skill set and knowledge base and after doing my research, there was no doubt in my mind that the Stylist Academy was the way to go!

How did the course meet your hopes and expectations?
It was everything I had hoped for and more, but equally I don’t think anything could have prepared me for how intense it would be. This, of course, is a great thing but it was a real reminder that personal styling is about so much more than shopping frivolously and just picking things you like. Isobel trained me throughout the week and her expertise was phenomenal.

What did you gain from the course?
Oh my Gosh, where do I start? I gained everything from the course to be honest. I had natural ability but without this course I wouldn’t have been able to apply it as well as I do now! There is so much to personal styling, from having to stay on top of trends, understand body shapes and having a commercial mindset to knowing how to use accessories, print and colour. You also have to learn how to apply these universal principles to your clients whilst remembering and respecting that each one is unique and recognising their personality in the way you style them. It’s a complete juggling act!

Which parts of the course were most useful for you?
I do think that the hands-on experience, which we had with Isobel and the clients, was one of the most valuable parts of the course. You really learn how to make things work in the moment, outside the safety of the classroom but all the while having Isobel there to take the lead and creating an opportunity to learn.

How has the course and Isobel’s on-going support helped you in establishing and growing your business?
It gave me the tools, knowledge, confidence and foundation to start my own business and then later to go into partnership with someone else, which I was able to do successfully in London before I made the move to Stockholm, where I live now. I knew that in order to become a full-time stylist, I needed to sharpen my skill set and knowledge base and after doing my research, there was no doubt in my mind that the Stylist Academy was the way to go!

Would you recommend The London Stylist Academy’s Personal Stylist course to someone considering a career in styling?
Absolutely! If styling is in your blood and it’s what you’re passionate about, then you have to do this! Not only because styling is a complex job and this course teaches you everything you need to know, but also because Isobel herself is the best mentor you could hope to find!

She epitomises what it means to be a stylist… she looks the part, she acts the part, she thinks the part, she feels the part… she is everything it means to be a successful stylist! You look at her and you want to be the best stylist you can be… there is no one better!

What advise would you give budding stylists who are just starting out on their career path?
Invest in yourself and in your career if this is what you love! Styling is the most rewarding job out there. It’s hard work but so much fun and knowing that you can make a difference to the way someone views themselves and give them the gift of confidence is the best feeling. It’s my favourite part of the job without a doubt!