Stylist Start

Personal Styling & Make Up Experiences
For 14-29

Have you always dreamt of having your very own stylist? Would you like to gain confidence and reflect your personality through your individual style? Do you want a capsule wardrobe that is perfect for your body shape, that expresses who you are and that works within your budget?

If yes, then Stylist Start is for you. This is a unique styling and make up experience for teenagers and young adults who want to feel empowered with confidence whatever their age, their budget and wherever they are in life.

Finding pieces which are right for your body shape from a young age can be a challenge. Your stylist will create a capsule wardrobe that is authentic to you and to your style. You will learn how to dress your best, at a time when reflecting the right image is key to success.

Whether you are in need of a full wardrobe transformation, or an outfit for your first job interview, Stylist Start will answer all of your styling needs.

Furthermore, make up is also a powerful tool to own. Stylist Start offers you the choice of a make up masterclass, an introduction to essential make up tips. What you wear on your face is just as important as what you wear on your body. This consultation will guide you, to ensure that what you are currently using and what you will use works for you, your desired look and your age. Save time and money learning about expert tricks and brands that work within your budget. 

So why not try one of our Stylist Start experiences today, a great self-investment which is fun and educational. Because at Stylist Start, we believe that Style Starts Young. With a great range of styling sessions, why not treat a loved one to one of our experiences! This is a great and unique gift. Mix and match to tailor it to their requirements. Gift Vouchers are also available and valid for 12 months after the date of purchase.

For any further enquiries on our Stylist Start services, email [email protected]

We look forward to helping you on your styling journey!


Happy Wardrobe

Your first step to your perfect capsule wardrobe. This will take place from the comfort of your home. Your stylist will reorganise your current wardrobe, sort through what is no longer needed or what doesn’t work for your body shape and create a happier and clearer space to make your wardrobe effortless. Up to 3 hours. For him or her.


The Styling Experience

A session tailored to your styling needs! Choose from a taster session or our full day experience for the ultimate stylish treat. This session will take place in selected stores. Your stylist will pre-select a rail of pieces to suit you and will show you a selection of full outfits and accessories with styles and brands to suit you, your body shape and your budget. A great investment for the future! Whatever you are looking for, whether it is an outfit for a special event or a job interview or just a couple of new and exciting pieces to build your capsule wardrobe, this experience is for you.

For Him or for Her. Choose from 2.5 hrs (taster) or 4 hours (full day).


Makeup masterclass

An introduction to make up products and finding what works for you. This session will take place at your house. Your Make Up Artist will review your current make up bag to ensure that what you are using is right for you. They will also suggest products that work for your skin as well as your age and provide you with essential tips and tricks to create your desired look. Up to 1.5 hours. Available at home or online.



Styling from the comfort of your own room! Any burning questions? Need any advice on creating your ultimate capsule wardrobe? Or wanting to learn more about what suits your body shape? This is for you! Choose from a 30min taster or a 1hr consultation with your stylist. An affordable option to then apply to your current wardrobe and style your pieces with your newly gained expert tips!



Do you have a specific style of beauty question in mind? Are you going to an event and don’t have a clue what to wear? Or would like to know how to create a designer look without the designer price tag? Alternatively, are you searching for the perfect lipstick? The SOS Style & Beauty Dilemma is a quick, easy and efficient way of saving you time and money. Once you have purchased this option, it will be valid for 3 months. You can then email your request, which will be answered within 48 hours!


The Stylist in a Box

Why not try our styling session without having to travel to the shops with the Styled At Home option. After filling in a client form, your Stylist will choose your personalised selection of pieces, from brands to suit your body shape and budget. You will then receive all of the links via email. Once you have ordered your exciting new outfits and received them, your stylist will organise a consultation with you, to show you how to style your new garments into looks and wear them with confidence!



Are you in need of a unique way to celebrate a special occasion or birthday? Or would you simply like to have a fun night in with a group of friends? If so, our Style Parties add a stylish and fashionable touch to enjoying time with loved ones whilst also learning all about the latest trends and how to style them into your wardrobe. Your stylist will bring a selection of fun pieces to present during your celebration. Furthermore, we offer the option of adding make up to your evening. The Style Party will be tailored to you and to your guests!