Retail Training

Take your business to the next level with dynamic training with The Stylist London.

Retail training is offered to both large companies and small boutiques. The results of inspirational focussed training will ultimately increase your revenue. Your staff are your most important asset , and customer service excellence is essential for client loyalty and customer shopping experience.

Isobel’s retail education of nine years at Harrods where she reached the position of Acting Director, ensures your confidence in investing in external training.

The training is tailored to your specific needs and no shop or store is too small or too big.

Modules and Masterclass subjects include:

  1. Styling with in Retail
  2. Fashion terminology and how to sound like an expert
  3. Understanding brands to body shapes
  4. Using Colour, Accessories and trends
  5. Upselling effortlessly
  6. Confident and creative selling
  7. Style the Sale
  8. Styling skills to increase your sales
  9. Mens tailoring fundamentals
  10. The customer experience

Next steps

Before you decide to commit to retail training, you can book a complimentary, no obligation, zoom chat with Isobel.

Talk through your training needs along with days or hours you would like to invest and a budget that works for both.

Isobel will then produce a training book and session tailored specifically to your needs.

The workshop will take place at your store or at a location you choose.

The training can take place before or after hours or at the weekend, as we are flexible to retail hours.

The Results

With external professional training, you will have an expectation of results.

Your staff will not only feel energised , focussed and motivated after the training, but also their productivity will increase throughout the weeks to come.

Your revenue will increase by motivated confident staff, as staff who are given professional development programmes prove their worth in their increased ambition and self motivation to achieve results.

New skills are proven to improve team work, team confidence and productivity.

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