The Wardrobe Workout

Price : £395.00

The wardrobe workout is £395 (approx 3 hours)




What would you expect to gain from a wardrobe workout?

It may seem a daunting task to deal with, however, there are so many aspects of this service that are so beneficial to your personal wellbeing that it is sometimes hard to explain.

Many women complain that they have nothing to wear. Trying to explain that to their other half, when their wardrobe is crammed full of clothes, can be frustrating. It is a very good point to raise though, as up to 80% of any woman’s wardrobe gets unused for a variety of reasons.

Whether it is too big or small but kept just in case; they love it but don’t know what to wear it with; they have an emotional attachment to it or it was so expensive and therefore impossible to get rid of. Whatever the reason, many frustrations of the wardrobe come into our everyday lives.

Investing in a professional stylist will solve all the wardrobe issues and set you on a clear path to the perfect working wardrobe to suit all your lifestyle needs.

Firstly, the stylist will work through your wardrobe in a systematic way and contrary to rumours, she won’t throw out things on a whim or insult your choices of clothing.She will clear the clearly not needed any more items based on a tick list and if you start to worry, they are just taken to a storage area out of the way of the working wardrobe.She will advise on any alterations that will bring a garment back to life.She will create a shopping list of the gaps and recommend brands.She will put together exciting new outfits with your existing wardrobe, that you would never have thought of and take photos for you.She will look at underwear, and give you the all-important correct bra fitting.Shoes and accessories are also covered in order to ensure that you have complete outfit options for all occasions. You will be left with a pile of clothes you were given permission to throw (to charity preferably), an ordered wardrobe of clothing that will allow you to dress effortlessly and stylishly each morning.

A wardrobe that really works for your lifestyle and body shape.

The whole experience is cathartic, uplifting and most importantly, the stylist makes it fun!


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