The Top Up Shop


2 hour Top up Shop


Why shop on your own, when you can book a styling session with us.


The Top up shop is a really useful service for people who want to try out a styling service for just 2 hours. You may not want to buy lots of clothes, but you may want to be re inspired to redirect your personal style.

This service will give you an insight to what it feels like to have a stylist, where you can still go home with a few outfits and feel like a VIP.

This service is also the perfect option for people looking for one specific outfit for an event. You may be going to a wedding or special event that has a dress code. Investing in a stylist will save you time and money!

Many clients invest in a seasonal styling session, but then need just a few more hours, where they need a top up on a specific area of their wardrobe. It may be the holiday wardrobe, or a winter wear top up, whatever your styling needs, The Stylist will make your experience special and successful.

You will never want to shop on your own again!


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