Virtual Styling -The Stylist in a box


You experience includes

  1. 30 mins zoom chat to discuss your styling needs.
  2. Online and instore research to source the shopping list.
  3. Virtual styling session to try the clothes on and  make any edits.
  4. Or, your stylist will organise a home styling session with you.


The Stylist in a Box.

This unique service was launched this year in response to those clients who wanted to have a styling service in the comfort of their own home.

With the increase of online shopping, many people felt the frustration of buying clothes online that didn’t work for them when they saw the item in 3 D and then tried them on. The Stylist takes all of this frustration away. All the research for specific new wardrobe pieces and outfits is done for you.

You will work with your stylist to either order some items recommended by her, or she will source all of the clothes and bring them to your home for a home styling session.

The results are the same and the experience is even better for those who do not want to go on an instore styling session.

The experience starts with a zoom call to talk through all your style needs.

Your stylist will spend the next 5 to 7 days researching clothes for you.

She will create mood boards for you with shoppable links

Once you have ordered and received all your shopping list, you can either organise a zoom styling session to try the outfits, or your stylist will come to your home to do a home styling session.

The stylist will create as many new outfits for you using the new clothes and existing items in your wardrobe.

This service is effortless, timesaving, educational and fun.





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