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Focus on Women in their 40’s and 50’s

Due to high demand and an ever growing need to help women through certain stages of their life, Isobel has added new services to focus on the challenges many women go through in their mid-years.

Whether it is starting the journey of menopause, feeling lacking in direction with empty nest syndrome, or going through a relationship breakup and divorce, you can come to a safe and reenergising place where through an image assessment, Isobel can help you to feel instantly more confident and positive through her skill to create a new and reenergising wardrobe specifically for you.

Isobel’s Story

I want to share my story of divorce at the age of 47 and then the start of menopause soon after, along with my son leaving home for university. As a stylist and with an absolute passion for what I do, the only thing that kept me going and getting up every morning, was creating my outfit that was my armour for the day. Whatever horrors I was to face during that awful time, be it emotional or financial, I used what I had in my wardrobe to create my best self. I wanted to ensure that despite the fact that my world as I knew it was crumbling down around me, I still needed to project a successful and confident professional image not only to my clients, but also to my family and friends. I am a bit of a pro when it comes to overcoming a divorce as have been through it a few times! I understand how women can loose themselves in the low of the menopause journey. I now want to reach out the women who are going through this challenging time, as I can help you rise from it with the empowerment of the clothes you wear.

The thought of addressing your wardrobe during this time, may not be as superficial as it sounds. We all need to wear clothes and many of us grab a grey sweatshirt and leggings when we are feeling depressed.

My mantra is – Never underestimate the psychology of clothing! Choosing to wear the clothes that reflect your personality and make you feel great, is a tonic we all need when we are facing life’s challenges.

If you can say yes to the following points, this may just be the service or experience you need to change your life for the better.

Are you feeling down about midlife weight gain?

Do you feel that you are becoming invisible as you go into your 50’s?

Have you had a life challenge such as divorce that has knock your confidence?

Do you feel your clothes don’t reflect the best version of you?

Has menopause affected your confidence and how you now dress?

Is your wardrobe neutral?

Do you feel you have lost your sense of self?

Would you like to change your image and feel fantastic everyday?

What to do next!

Contact me now to book in a complimentary zoom, to chat through your personal needs and let me take you on a style and image journey that will bring you back to life and empower you to have the confidence to change your life for the better.

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