Men’s Styling is in ever increasing demand, and the skill set to style men is not only very different to styling women, but it is always a great addition to your business services.

Isobel has been teaching men and women to style men for 15 years now, as her knowledge and experience in menswear is second to none. Men’s tailoring is in itself a big learning curve and having that knowledge as well as being able to build and efficient wardrobe for your male clients ensures you will have a client for life.

The terminology is different, the body shapes and the way you shop with your client is a whole new ball game!

The processes are more formulaic and the technical information on blocks and brands is new.

Your male clients will mainly come through your female clients who often become frustrated with trying to shop with their partners themselves – the solution – The Stylist!

It can sometimes take a little convincing to encourage a male client to appreciate that a qualified stylist will change their life in terms of their clothes and image. Most men want to look good , but they dont want to look as if they have made an effort.

However, with new attitudes to image and looking presentable, men are far more willing to invest in a stylist as much as they would invest in a personal trainer.

You will gain male clients by impressing them with technical and thorough knowledge of menswear and tailoring.

Therefore investing in your skill set and business is essential to getting ahead.

Many stylists recognise the need to keep up their skill set by investing in training and other workshops, as without the training, they wont last long in this competitive market.

The Stylist London is therefore launching their Personal Styling Course for male clients.

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