Isobel, having been in the fashion Industry for over 30 years, has certainly earned  the title of Style Expert .What she doesn’t know about fashion, isn’t worth knowing. With a degree in Fashion and Textiles she carved her career, firstly, working with many notable designers such as Loewe, Alfredo Caral, Linka Cierac and Jacques Azagury. Her next career move was to be offered a place on the prestigious Harrods Executive training scheme, the finishing school for retail and fashion, where she worked for 9 years up to Acting Director. During this time, she worked with luxury brands such as Prada, Jill Sander, Roland Mouret to name but a few. Her final career move was to the position of Head of Buying for evening wear brand Frank Usher where she was then promoted to Product Director.

Whilst an exciting role, heading up the design team, her life took a turn to enable her to consider taking the plunge to setting up her own business. With styling being her passion, and very little competition at the time, she started her own styling business, which today is called The Stylist London. She partnered with a TV presenter of ‘ 10 years younger’, but recognised that it was better to build her own dream rather than help someone else build theirs. She has worked with 1000 of clients, where her ethos is to give them the confidence to look and feel their best in everyday life. From styling corporate clients, both male and female, to celebrities and mums, she styles absolutely everyone, from all walks of life, who are ambitious to up level their image, confidence and success through the art of successful dressing.

She is a public speaker, being booked for many inspirational presentations talking about all things style and non-verbal communication.  She wrote and launched the first Style Academy in 2008 for styling both men and women. Her biggest passion is coaching  the future’s next top stylist, sharing her secrets, knowledge, and experience with fashionistas all over the world.